Graphic Poetry

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Sunday Drive
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Magical Photographs To Believe That Are Not Photoshopped

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All taken from here and here.

Bookshelf Porn

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I love books.
I admit, I am addicted to books.
So, upon seeing this, I am jealous.
One day, I will have my own library.

Go here to to pick your favorite one
or just getting a major bookgasmic.

A Splash of Color

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May my life will always be as colorful as this.
At each moment in time.


Awesome Conceptual Photography

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Conceptual photography is about the concept of the photo. The photographer is trying to convey a message or ‘concept’. Usually this message is conveyed through some abstract symbolism which can be interpreted by the viewer. The conceptual art uses Photoshop effects, image editing and image manipulation effects.

Shyness © Alin Petrus

Drifting In, Drifting Out by =P0RG

Butterfly Dream by Chou Chuang



birth by `suzi9mm

pacman © Thaib Chaidar

Follow your dreams by ~aeon-100

A Creative Mess by highverbalfan

toksik love © george gradinaru

Brainstorm by `Davenit

Just Another Brick In the Wall by *incalius

A Love for the Arts by ~Delacorr

Introspection by =Sugarock99

Friendship © Luisa Mantero

Possible B.T.B Band Art by ~ssnlja

Last Home? © Sven Hoffmann


Place of Silence

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Let me sit by the moon.
And have the trees tell me stories of love.

Click Here to View Spectacular Night Photography

But I’m still, I’m still an animal

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Frida Kahlo’s paintings often include nature elements, particularly animals such as monkeys, birds, and, like in this painting, deer. In The Little Deer – 1946, Kahlo really draws a connection between humans and animals when she paints her own head onto the body of a wounded deer. I have interpreted this painting to be symbolic of the animalistic nature of pain. She has been wounded and feels pain just as any other creature might experience.

“I change shapes just to hide in this place
But I’m still, I’m still an animal
Nobody knows it but me when I slip”
– A song by Mike Snow

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