Karapan Sapi, Madura

August 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

A celebration; Joy for the abundant harvests.
What do you do to celebrate your life’s achievements?

Karapan sapi (Cow Race) was first popularized by the Prince Katandur from Sapudi Island, Sumenep 13th century. Initially just using the cow as processing power fields. Of persistence cow how to work plowing and cultivating rice field soil, it worked. Barren land turned into fertile soil. Seeing that the idea of Prince Katandur bring positive results, the villagers followed the way of cultivating rice fields. Eventually the original arid land around the Sapudi island, a fertile land that can be planted with rice. Abundant harvest and the village became a fertile area and prosperous.

As an expression of joy for the abundant harvests, Prince Katandur has led initiatives in the village residents to hold a cow race. Rice land area that was harvested acreage used for cattle race. Cow racing tradition by Katandur Prince’s ideas that has so far continued to grow and preserved. In Madura, the more popular name was changed to “Karapan Sapi”.

It is usually done during the Harvest month which is between September – October.

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