The Kiss

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is by far, my favorite painting of all time. One day, I shall have it hang on my wall. It is called “The Kiss”, done by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918).

The artist seeks to give a dimension almost crowned to his fabric. It is about the topic of the pressure in love. A couple is intertwined on a floor of flowers resembling a meadow, it is wrapped in a full gilded clothing.

The decoration of this cape, with the image of mosaic, varies according to the sex: black and white rectangles for the man, of the colored circles and the flowers for the woman. Of this emergent unit heads and the hands which constitute the expression of a great intimacy. The knelt woman gives herself to her companion the closed eyes and lets herself go to passion love.

Work evokes a world of harmony where the couple is insulated in sublimation from the feeling in love, being unaware of the world real and evolving in an unreal and idealized world makes of a great power in love.

Klimt compared the sexual pleasure to the artistic joy and gave him spiritual dimension. It was also particularly attached to the representation of the ideal beauty.

The Kiss is most famous of works of Klimt, and one generally regards it as the top of his “gilded period”. Period when geometrical reasons threatened to absorb the human factor. Klimt manages here to maintain balance thanks to a representation of the characters full with force and sensuality: the knelt position of the couple, the powerful pressure of the man and the extasie face of the woman give to the two lovers a great presence. The majority of works of Klimt give place to many interpretations, but one can see in the Kiss, the ultimate achievement of the human search of happiness.



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